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Upper Montclair NJ Personal Training: Maximize Your Results


Living in or around Upper Montclair, NJ and looking for some Upper Montclair NJ personal training to help you get into better shape or at least lose weight? That’s a great idea! But, that Bloomfield personal training regimen isn’t going to work for you unless you allow it to work for you. How can you do that? You do that by making some changes of your own-changes that will facilitate the changes that the personal training regimen will have you making.

These changes don’t have to be “hard”, really. But if they are quite new for you, they might require some willful discipline on your part at first. You will really be creating and instilling new habits for yourself. Remember that it takes approximately three weeks to form a new habit. So keep at making these simple changes daily for three weeks or so and suddenly they will be “automatic” for you. These changes will become just another part of your lifestyle, and your Upper Montclair NJ personal training regimen will be greatly enhanced in its effectiveness for you.

Start drinking a lot more water. No, no-you don’t need that 64 ounces of water a day routine! Do you realize that you would be drinking an entire large jug of that spring water that you seed sold in stores every day if you did that? But…whenever you get thirsty (which is the only time you need to drink any fluids at all), stop yourself from reaching for that soda pop, or that high fructose corn syrup laden iced tea, or that sugary fruit punch-and above all things, avoid “diet soda” drinks as if they’re the Black Plague! Instead, reach for filtered water.

Our society is getting so fat because, among many other reasons, we’ve lost our appreciation for the taste of a cool drink of water. If you must have some flavoring to it, just put in a little squeeze of lemon, lime, or orange. Drinking water means you are not drinking other, fat-building drinks. It helps you flush out toxins from your body. And, it helps you to avoid over-eating by making you feel fuller. When you drink cold water, your stomach needs to use energy to heat it up-thus helping to keep your metabolism fired up, too.

Start stretching. Stretching helps you prevent injury to yourself during workouts-something you will of course be doing with your Upper Montclair NJ personal training regimen. Stretching also helps your metabolism stay fired up by keeping you moving. It might not seem like you’re moving much when you stretch, but think about how much more active your muscle fibers are then than when you’re lounging around in front of Facebook or the TV. By keeping you more elastic, stretching also helps you grow stronger-flexibility is strength!

Cut back on the salt. Salt is a healthy substance, and you need it. However, when your metabolism is screwed up is when salt intake can lead to high blood pressure. Also, too much salt makes you retain water, and that leads to feelings of bloating and can cause kidney problems. In addition, water retention prevents your body from flushing out toxins efficiently. The best way to get only the healthy level of salt? Stop eating processed foods and fast food and, at home, only use sea salt. Sea salt is healthier, containing many more minerals; and, sea salt has a much stronger taste, meaning that you’ll naturally use less of it.

The above are a few things that you can do to make your Upper Montclair NJ personal training efforts yield the best possible results!



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