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How To Help A Upper Montclair NJ Personal Trainer Get You Into Great Shape


Living in or around Upper Montclair and looking for that Upper Montclair NJ personal trainer to help you get back into shape, or into the best shape of your life? That’s a great idea, but that trainer actually needs your help, too.

How could the personal trainer be in need of help from someone who is out of shape or who is looking to him to get into better shape, or lose weight? You need to help the personal trainer help you. You will need to go into the training times with the right mindset. Otherwise, you’ll just chafe against your trainer’s motivational tactics, guidance, instructions, and advice. Also, the trainer’s efforts won’t give you lasting effects, without your having a helpful, positive, and effective mindset.

So. What must you do to have this positive mindset that will help your Upper Montclair NJ personal trainer help you get into the shape that you so long to be in? Well, fitness all begins with diet. No, not going on a diet-we are talking about your permanent eating habits and patterns. To get in good shape, you have to start being mindful about what you eat. You will very likely have to change some of your own cravings. Then, you’ll be able to “eat whatever you want”, because “whatever you want” to eat will have changed dramatically in some ways.

This is not as easy as it sounds, because not only have you been conditioned eat certain foods that are bad for you, but these very same foods are encouraged by our society. They are relatively cheap, they are easy to find, they are easy to prepare, they are advertised everywhere, and you have been convinced that they taste great. This is not a conspiracy by any corporations! People believe these things to be true. But, then they wonder why they are fat, saggy, irritable, and lethargic. Why they need so many pharmaceuticals as they get older.

What are the foods that you have to cut out or greatly diminish in order to get into excellent shape and stay that way? These include:

  • White bread (get rid of it unless you’re having garlic bread, and only have that on occasion; if you have to have bread, use whole grain, rye, pumpernickel)
  • Sugar (you need to be on a low-sugar diet; replace most sugar with other sweeteners such as fructose, stevia, honey, and pure maple syrup, and eat fruit for desserts except on special occasions)
  • Fast food (there are just too many bad ingredients used)
  • Frozen prepared foods (too many bad ingredients and you can make your own at home with better tasting and healthier ingredients)
  • High fructose corn syrup (treat it like the plague; a couple weeks away from it and you will no longer even like the taste of it)
  • Potatoes (except for sweet potatoes, only eat potatoes occasionally; it helps to eat a lot more sweet potatoes or at lot more rice)
  • Fried foods (you can have fried foods, but you have to fry them yourself and make sure to use olive oil, coconut oil, or sunflower oil-not vegetable oil)

You also need to be on a moderate-to-low-carb diet. Your ultimate carb intake depends on your lifestyle and genetics. The way to switch to this kind of diet in our carb-obsessed society is to be mindful and eat complex carbs (fresh or steamed vegetables, fresh fruit) or “slow carbs” (pasta, whole grains, and yes beer!). Your Upper Montclair NJ personal trainer will love you for being so helpful and disciplined-and so will your body!



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