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Join An Upper Montclair NJ Gym To Help Yourself Prevent Diabetes


Living in or around Montclair and looking for a good Upper Montclair, NJ gym? You might be looking for a good gym for a host of different reasons. Perhaps you want to lose weight. Maybe you are already in good shape but you want to compete in some sporting events, or you just want to get fitter and stronger. You might be trying to improve your cardiovascular fitness level for a longer and higher quality life. You may also be looking for a gym to go to because you’ve heard that being in better physical shape gives you an edge at preventing disease and sickness.

That last point is a good one, for joining an Upper Montclair, NJ gym and working with a personal trainer can indeed be helpful in the prevention of sickness and diseases onset. One of the most rampant diseases in our society today is diabetes.

It used to be thought that most people who get diabetes are congenitally predisposed to it, but with 20 million Americans suffering from it and 80 million Americans with the threat of getting it, diabetes is now known to be a lifestyle problem. In fact, Type II or “adult onset” diabetes is now ubiquitous.

Americans are spending billions of dollars on diabetes treatments and medications. But the truth is that lifestyle is the way to prevent-and possibly even reverse-diabetes. Yet the information available to us is muddied by research bias and misinformation. These have led to myths about how to prevent diabetes. Let’s look at the major “lies” about diabetes avoidance and the truth that counteracts them.

Myth: You need to lower your cholesterol, get on a low-fat diet, and eat large amounts of whole grains. This idea is so preposterous it’s hard to know where to begin. Grains, even whole grains, convert to glucose in the body-and it is the need for heavy regulation of glucose levels that causes your body to eventually break down to where you get diabetes. Whole grains are good for you in low amounts, but even these healthy grains are now linked to causes of arthritic and joint flare-ups in millions of Americans.

As far as lowering your cholesterol-why would want to lower the amount of the substance that your heart lives on? We’ve seen the results of the efforts to lower cholesterol: the creation of very unhealthy trans-fats and hydrogenated oils and increased heart disease. And low fat? You’ll need those fats to burn as you work out at the gym!

What you need is a high-protein, high healthy (animal, dairy, and non-vegetable-oil) fat, low sugar diet.

Myth: You need to quit smoking. Good advice…but it has nothing to do with preventing diabetes! In fact, if you’re an average adult, when you quit smoking, your risk of diabetes goes up by over 70% (probably because most people start eating poorly when they quit smoking).

Myth: You need to stop drinking. Moderate drinking is one of the healthiest things you can do. If you’re drinking like a lush you do need to cut back, and of course if you’ve become an alcoholic you’ve hopefully already stopped But once again…none of this has anything to do with diabetes prevention.

Myth: You don’t have to pay any attention to what you eat and drink as long as you work out a lot. Get yourself hooked up with a personal trainer at that Upper Montclair NJ gym that you join and you’ll learn just how wrong that myth is!

There are plenty of other health and diet myths out there. Learn about them and your experiences at the Upper Montclair NJ gym will yield far greater results!



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