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AHF Group Personal Training for Women & Moms:  Schedule

   You will train in a motivating and non-judgemental environment with busy Women and Moms just like you

We don’t just write some random workout on a board for you to do on your own. We train, guide and coach you during every minute of the workout, and are here to help you succeed in every way.  Training Sessions are 40-45 minutes long and transform your entire body.


Adventure FitKids: (8-13 year olds)
Every Tuesday & Thursday @ 4:30pm

(973) 715-4291 Text or Call for more info & to get started,
Coach Mike to easily book your training sessions and appointments

AHF = A Result-Producing and Private Transformation Training Facility – Elite Training & Coaching for Women focused on getting Toned, Lean, and that Unstoppable Feeling of Energy!  Group Personal Training, 1-on-1 Personal Training

You can always call  or text us at (973) 715-4291, and we’ll answer all of your questions and go over the schedule with you.  Simply call, email, or text us to set up your initial consultation.


*All workouts are fast-paced, fresh & fun, produce serious body shaping results.  Get better results in less time.  The workouts are designed to Save You Time while getting 2x the results, we guarantee it. 

We never do the same exact workout twice.  AHF is not a class where you do everything for the same time or the same reps.  It’s a complete training program that covers all phases of fitness.  Variety is crucial to achieving long-lasting results and avoiding mental boredom.

Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) is what we do and is super-effective, safe, and a true personal training workout that burns the most fat…even after the workout is over.  It’s called, “Afterburn,” and it helps you tone your body and burns a ton of calories.  It will get you amazing results without working out for hours upon hours.*

This is our true passion and we guarantee you’ll love the workouts, emails, nutritional support, eating tips, and the motivating environment.  You really have nothing to lose and will look and feel infinitely better!

– – – –

Committed to your success,
Coach Mike

Text right now to get your transformation & program started:  (973) 715-4291

p.s. After you come in for your free consultation and intro week you can easily book your sessions ahead of time and anytime day or night online @