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How To Enhance Your Montclair Weight Loss Program


If you’re looking for a Montclair weight loss program, it definitely helps to have a personal trainer who operates within the Montclair area. However, the program should also expand beyond the trainer’s routines for you. That’s because if all you do is follow along, you’re not applying the underlying motivations and principles that your personal trainer is attempting to instill in your mind and body.

Weight loss is not easy for people who have harmed metabolisms. You don’t think you have a harmed metabolism? Well, if you didn’t then you wouldn’t be looking for a Montclair weight loss program-or a weight loss program wherever you may choose to live. So, how can you enhance the things that your personal trainer does for you by changing your lifestyle?

One thing’s for sure: you don’t have to-indeed, you don’t want to-go on any crazy diets. They will just make you hate yourself and your life. You won’t be able to stick with them. And, they will wreck your metabolism even more. Diets don’t work. Lifestyle works.

But your nutritional and dietary habits definitely work, for good or for ill. If you’ve got a weight loss problem, these definitely need some changes made to them. So the first thing you can do is stop eating lots of sugary foods (and you know you do). However…diets that are too difficult don’t work because they don’t last. So, what you need to do is get your sweet tastes elsewhere. You can do this by eating fresh fruit.

Fresh fruit has fructose in it-and that’s actually sweeter than sugar. But your body breaks it down more efficiently. Fruit is high in dietary fiber as well as important nutrients. Fruits aren’t empty calories. That dietary fiber is necessary to “clean you out” and keep your colon cleansed so that you don’t pack on the pounds by having food just “sit on your gut”. (Disgusting though, but that’s part of the stomach bulge for a great many overweight people.). Eat apples, grapes with skin on them, peaches, plums, bananas. Fall in love with fruit again.

What else can you do?

Drink your green tea. Drink green tea for the catechins. Green tea is abundant in these chemicals, and they inhibit the enzyme catechol-O-methyltranferase (COMT). That enzyme degrades your body’s supply of norepinephrine–which is your main source of fat-burning. Green tea sweetened with some honey or Stevia is one of the healthiest and tastiest of beverages. It can also help you get energized, since it contains caffeine. (If you need to stay away from caffeine, there’s decaffeinated green tea that you can buy.)

Eat more often. Say what? That’s right. Eat five or six times per day, not three. Don’t eat as much at one time, and eat healthier foods when you eat. You’ll avoid that feeling of lethargy and keep your metabolism fired up-and yet, you’ll never lack energy for lack of food and you’ll not starve.

Add these habits to your trainer’s Montclair weight loss program. They work!



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