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Getting The Most From Your Montclair Gym Membership


When you first consider signing up for a Montclair gym membership, you are full hope. You want a better life for yourself, or perhaps just want to feel better about what you see in the mirror. There is something inside of you that imagines going through super intense workouts, sweat dripping from every pore of your body, with a brave smile on your face. Perhaps there is also a voice of doubt somewhere within you. This is the voice that says you can’t transform your body, restart your life, or endure intense workouts with courage.

Hopefully, you will push aside that negative voice and see it for what it is: fear of change; fear of the unknown. When you focus on that initial hope of a better life and a better body, you can move forward to make amazing changes in your life. Change is always scary at first, but once you start experiencing it firsthand, it becomes addictive. Consider just a few of the ways you can move forward to silence the voice of doubt and make the most of your Montclair gym membership:

Work with a personal trainer, at least when you are just starting out. It is difficult to start hitting the gym and make positive changes in your life, but it is much harder if you are trying to do it all on your own. A personal trainer can do more than just give you the right moves and show you how to use the equipment. They can become your biggest supporter. They can be there when that voice of doubt tries to tell you that something is impossible or out of reach for you. Consider working with a trainer, at least until you have achieved some success and no longer feel vulnerable to that negative voice of doubt.

Make gym appointments with yourself, and keep them as if a million dollars was on the line. The biggest key to getting the most from your Montclair gym membership and transforming your life is consistency. Make appointments to meet yourself in the gym and do not cancel them unless it is a life-or-death emergency.

Push yourself with every workout. No two workouts should be the same when you join a gym. You aren’t walking mindless circles around a track at the park and you aren’t trying to run on the treadmill in your living room with the kids screaming around you. The gym is your place to push yourself and see what you are really made of, so make the most of it with every single workout. If you aren’t sure how to push yourself or what you are really capable of, it is important to work with a trainer who will give you some aggressive pushing.

Track your progress in ways other than the scale. It is easy to get so caught up watching the scale that you miss a lot of other great things happening with your body. Look for ways to measure your progress off the scale. Taking measurements is a good idea, but you may also look at changes in the weight you can bench press, your time running a mile, and other physical improvements over time.

Once you start working out, you will see amazing changes in your body and that negative voice of doubt will be silenced. You just have to get to your Montclair gym and make that brave start.



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