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Your Lower Montclair NJ Personal Trainer And The Personal Touch


Are you living in or around Montclair and in quest of a Lower Montclair NJ personal trainer? If so, you’re not alone as an area resident looking for a qualified and experienced personal trainer. Many people all across NJ are looking for personal trainers these days.

Why might you need a personal trainer? Why can’t you just learn everything on your own that you need to regarding personal health and fitness? Why can’t you just lose weight by looking up exercise routines and healthy recipes on the Internet?

For one thing, there’s a lot of junk on the Internet, even though there is also a lot of helpful information and sound advice. How can you separate fact from fiction, gold from garbage? You likely need someone with real training and experience to help guide you there, and that’s a Lower Montclair NJ personal trainer’s forte. She’ll have “been there, done that” and “read it all before” with regards to information-and misinformation.

  • Is it really true that you need a low fat diet to lose weight?
  • Is it really fact that eating more whole grains helps you prevent adult onset diabetes?
  • Are the particular stretching routines that you saw in the YouTube video really going to be helpful in your flexibility and strength training, or should you do some others?

Your Lower Montclair NJ personal trainer is the one who can guide you here.

There’s plenty of rubbish in published magazines, too. And a great deal of it is re-hashed periodically because the journalists or editors don’t have enough new material for the latest issues, and they do need to sell magazines to stay in business. Once again, a personal trainer can do better for you than your just reading and Net-surfing on your own.

So, you might think that even though there’s lots of garbage on the Internet and lots more of it in magazines, you’re a reader-you’ll happily invest in a few books to get the good information. This may be smarter, but-how’s that silent book going to keep your motivated on rainy, gloomy days when you “just don’t feel up to it”?

How is it going to get you to work through your aches and pains when you first start your training regimen?

How is it going to correct your slightly wrong posture or technique when you think you’re doing exactly what is says to do but aren’t getting the results because you’ve a little off in your understanding?

Only a personal trainer can overcome these limitations inherent to even the best written health and fitness book.

Nothing can take the place of a coach and a friend. When you sign on with a personal trainer to get fit, you’re signing on to get a two-for-one coach-friend deal! You’re also getting an expert advisor and, maybe, a life coach. Reading books, watching videos: these are definitely good things. But you can’t replace the important personal touch of the Lower Montclair NJ personal trainer.



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