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AHF Group + Personal Training & Coaching


Q:  Where are you located?

Our address is:
133 Glenridge Ave.
Montclair, NJ 07042  (Click here for Directions)

You walk through a small parking lot and enter through a glass door with “133” on it.  We are the last door down the hallway to the left.  (We are in the same building as Glen Ridge Taekwon-do, across the street from the Little Gym and Lab Corp)

The AHF entrance - With the special blue foam floor in the very back!

We are here to help you look amazing and feel unstoppable energy and fitness

Q:  What kind of facility and atmosphere should I expect?

All workouts are 40 to 45 minutes long and are in our indoor, private Personal Training Transformation Facility.  It’s air-conditioned and heated…and most of all is inspiring, fun, and motivating.  There are also changing rooms where you can change your clothes before and after your workout.  A special foam padded flooring has been installed which is much softer and easier on your knees, back, and all of your joints.  It’s the anti-big-box gym, and geared towards high energy, positivity, and fat-burning workouts.  We are a team, support one another, and push one another to higher levels!

Q:  How soon can I expect results?

Performance improvement can take place in as little as 3 workouts. Visual improvement can take from 2 to 4 weeks depending on your effort level and commitment. It’s not uncommon to see as much as 2-5 pounds of weight and body fat loss after the first 2 weeks, weeks 3-6 you start to notice clothes fitting better, increased energy, and less fat jiggling around! Our training systems and workouts are based around metabolic resistance training, total body muscle toning & conditioning, and interval training for fat loss.  How cool is that?

Q:  What do I need to bring with me for the workouts?

A good pair of athletic/running sneakers (minimal shoes are preferred), comfortable and breathable workout clothes, a sense of “adventure” and a positive attitude.  We provide the workouts, coaching, motivation, guidance, personal training, nutrition support and most of all…Results.   All you have to do is get there, and we’ll guide you through the rest…all while having fun with fat burning, fast-paced workouts.  Show up and the rest takes care of itself.

Q:  How long have you been doing this?  How do I know that you will get me results?

In addition to the Free Consultation and Introductory Workout, we can show you some of the hundreds upon hundreds of Women we’ve helped get into amazing shape and feel unstoppably fit.  The results that we provide to our amazing clients are our passion and focus.  We’ve been training Women for over a combined 15 years, constantly invest in our Personal Training-Fitness Boot Camp Fusion business, and have been featured on the PIX11 Morning News in NYC, as well as WCBS Radio 880.  We literally have a file on my computer with many hundreds of testimonials and successes.  6+ years ago we started the original 5:30am Fitness Boot Camp for Women in Montclair & Essex County:  North Jersey Adventure Boot Camp…and now we have fused small group metabolic resistance training @ Adventure Health & Fitness, “AHF.”  We’ve taken what gets you results and have poured our heart and soul into AHF.  Why are we telling you this?  Not to brag, but to earn your trust and because it’s like we’re applying for a job….the job of getting you to drop inches and tone your entire body.  We LOVE what we do and fully guarantee our results!   We aren’t trying to impress you, but impress upon you how much we truly care.  We treat our clients like we’d like to be treated.

Q:  What if I’m not in shape and do not know what the exercises are?

Don’t worry, we structure our unique and result-producing training to accommodate your fitness level and needs.  We’ve developed a system that has successfully transformed the bodies (and minds) of Women at all fitness levels.  Being women only, our training methods and systems are specifically tailored to your fitness level…so you have no risk whatsoever (especially with the Free Consultation and Intro Workout).

Q:  What kind of Women come to the workouts?

Women just like you.  Women who are super-busy balancing family, work,  and “to-do’s”….just to name a few.   Women who are looking for a jump-start to their fitness and Women who want to stay in great shape with only 2-4, 45-minute workouts per week.  Many of our clients are bored and tired of the same old workout routines that yield little results and require too much of a time commitment, and who are looking for something refreshing and a new challenge.  There are many women that “migrate” from the non-result oriented “big box” gyms where it gets old fast, and where you’re just a number.   Our amazing clients are positive and supportive Women who are ready to get what they deserve:  A fit and toned body.

Q:  Is someone going to yell at me or blow a whistle?

Absolutely NOT!  We’ve never been that kind of personal training fitness program.  We are motivating fat loss coaches, not drill sergeants.  Yelling and screaming does not lead to long-term, permanent results.  Metabolic training methods, motivation, support and time-saving / result-oriented workouts do.

Q:  What is a typical day at Adventure Health and Fitness like?

There are no typical days.  If you’re looking for the same exact workout, same exact order of exercises, and routine of walking around from machine to machine…then you probably want to join an old-fashioned fitness center.   Each of our workouts are designed to be fun, motivating and never boring.  We use kettlebells, ring and TRX training, ropes for muscle toning and fat loss conditioning, bodyweight exercises that are super effective, cardio burst conditioning and dumbbells…just to name a few.

Q:  Is there a refund policy?

Yes.  If you come to 2-4 weeks worth of the workouts and you aren’t happy with your experience,  we’ll be happy to refund your money.  We are not here to “get over” on anyone.  We love what we do and stand behind our results, and it is our goal to transform the bodies and lives of over 1 million Women by the end of 2013.  We want to build a successful business based on YOUR success.  Period.  You can always give me a call or we can talk at Adventure Health & Fitness…the door is always open.  Give yourself time to make progress and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Text me today!  (973) 715-4291
Coach Mike