About Us

AHF Mission:  To Transform the Bodies, Lives, Energy Levels and Happiness of our Clients. We strive daily to be the best, most empowering part of our clients day.

AHF Core Values.LG

One of our mantra’s is, “Lean, Happy, and Healthy ”  Our Core Values focus on helping you dramatically improve your health and fitness, feel unstoppable energy, take time for yourself, live longer for your children and loved ones, and live life to the fullest…with a sense of Adventure.        

We believe that life, “Is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”  We also believe your workout should be as well…both Fun and Result-producing!

AHF provides us with the opportunity to transform the bodies and lives of the Women of North Jersey and beyond.  We treat our clients like we’d treat our family, and we are all part of an inspiring and supportive team.

I dedicate this and all that I do to my Mother Donna.  She is the reason we continue to transform the bodies and lives of Women everywhere.  They raised us on their own, overcame enormous adversity, and are our roles models & heroes.  They are our heart and soul, and we get so much joy out of helping Moms feel amazing about themselves!

My Mother Donna passed away after a tragic, yet heroic battle with cancer (which is a truly insidious disease) in December of 2010 at the age of 56.  The lessons that she taught us, embracing fear and living with passion, embody all that we now do.

My Mom and I in 2007

My Mom and I in 2007

Adventure Health & Fitness and all of our fitness services & products provides us the platform to help you transform your body and life.  That is our main goal and focus => Your Results.

If you change nothing, nothing changes.  We are here to help you in any and every way possible!

Text or call me, Mike, at (973) 715-4291 and I will get you set up and ready to transform your body + life.

Committed to your success,
Mike and the AHF Family